Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When can we register for the event?

You can register for the ticket starting from October 23th 2021. Not to mention, it's free of charge!

2. How much do I need to pay for the ticket?

This year TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya's event are free of charge!

3. Will I get an E-Certificate?

Yes, the E-Certificate will be distributed through your registered email D+7 at the latest, after you finished watching the event

4. Since this is a free event, am I still subjected to tax?

Nope :)

5. Do I need to buy ticket for each speakers?

No need. All speakers are included in just 1 ticket

6. Am I required to post TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya contents on Instagram?

You are encouraged, but not required!

7. Where can I watch the event?

After registering, you will get your E-Ticket via email containing the link to our WhatsApp group, where then we will distribute the link to the event

8. Is there any contact person whom I can contact for further information?

If you still have questions, do not hesitate to ask us through this link

9. How can I get E-Certificate?

You just need to join our event from beginning to end and fill out the feeback form at the end of our event!

10. How can I join the giveaway?

It's simple! First, fill out the feedback form at the end of the event. Second, you need to follow us on Instagram @TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya and post a story of yourself attending our event (don't forget to tag us!). Afterwards, we will pick 5 lucky winners at random to win the giveaway worth of IDR 200,000+, with the 1 luckiest winner receiving an additional IDR 450,000 GoWork Voucher. Remember, the winners will be announced at the end of the event on our Instagram Story! Best of luck:)