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About the Event

This year, TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya 2023 is back again with a new theme: Kintsugi. With the tagline: "Embracing the Imperfections of an Uncertain World”. Kintsugi is a Japanese traditional pottery art of "Golden Repair" which is the art of repairing broken bowls and pots with golden powdered glue-like paste. Picture life as a broken bowl which is fractured, full of flaws, and unpredictable in its nature. Overall, this theme talks about accepting the clamorous and unpredictable nature of the world with open heart by appreciating what we have and being present rather than expecting uncertain perfect outcomes in life.

This experience will allow the mind of the attendees to be stirred with creativity and curiosity. Be ready to embrace unpredictable nature of the world, it is beyond your expectations. 

Date & Time


Saturday, November 25th 2023

13.00 PM - 16.30 PM

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, BSD


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Uketamo: The Simple Formula of Battling Expectations

Pollution to Solution: Creating Value Through Plastic

Is AI a Friend or Foe?

Breaking The Attachment Cycle: New Way to The Confident You

Mainstream Media, Information or Manipulation?

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Uketamo: The Simple Formula of Battling Expectations

Fellexandro Ruby- Host of "Thirty Days of Lunch Podcast", Writer, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur and host of the Thirty Days of Lunch Podcast, explores personal development through his YouTube channel. Co-founder of impactful enterprises, he draws inspiration from Japanese philosophies like ikigai and wabi-sabi, sharing practical applications for personal and professional growth.

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Pollution to Solution: Creating Value Through Plastic

David Christian - CEO of Evoware

His visionary strategy harmoniously unites environmental responsibility and profitability, setting a transformative example for the business world. With every sustainable package and biodegradable product, he proves that businesses can thrive while positively impacting the planet. Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia recognizes his remarkable achievements in this eco-conscious journey.


Is AI a Friend or Foe?

Irzan Raditya - CEO of

A prodigious Indonesian entrepreneur and AI visionary with a passion for technology, he founded, a leading AI-powered chatbot platform in Indonesia. He is also a respected speaker and advocate, dedicated to bridging the gap between technology and human interaction in Southeast Asia.

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Breaking The Attachment Cycle: New Way to The Confident You

Meisya Sallwa - Author of "Becoming High Value Woman"

An author of “Buku High Value Woman” with a professional background that specializes in public speaking, her influence is beyond the stage with almost 800K followers on tiktok. Her ability to influence young audiences with positivity for their personal and professional growth will bring remarkable insights to create a new way to the confident you!

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Mainstream Media, Information or Manipulation?

Ario Pratomo - Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Investor

The mainstream media, a powerful force in shaping public views, can inform us about local and global events. However, it's important to be aware that it can also be manipulated by those in authority to serve their interests. In this TEDx talk, we aim to help the audience understand how to navigate and discern information from the mainstream media.

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