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The rise of the interconnected era has exposed us, predominantly Gen Z-ers, to a myriad of internal conflicts. These conflicts arise from our surrounding communities and even within ourselves. We are all in search of a quick fix-some magical power to solve all our problems and grant us the power to rid our inadequacies. Certainly, many of us have longed for something we don't possess, whether it be the brains, the heart, or even the courage for greatness. Thus, in our journey to attain ultimate contentment, we end up scrutinizing the parts of ourselves we disdain. Paradoxical isn't it?

What if the secret to contentment lies in what we already possess? Oftentimes, we are not aware of our own potential and capabilities, masked by an unassuming faced-a rigged reality. But remember, you are only confined by the walls you build yourself. 

Date & Time


Saturday, 26 November 2021

13.00 PM - Finish

Universitas Prasetiya Mulya


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Watch This Before You Start Using Social Media

Adulting 101 - Have You Fully Become An Adult?

Stay Single Until…

The Fabric of Tradition to A Fashion Icon

I Used to be Consumptive, And...

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Watch This Before You Start Using Social Media

Eno Bening - Social Media Strategist

Living in this era, social media plays an essential role in people’s lives, especially the younger generation. It is still a helpful platform for them to learn, communicate, and share memories easily. This whole time, we thought we were benefiting from the existence of social media. We didn’t realize that social media companies set up algorithms to keep us hooked and addicted to scrolling through platforms without realizing we were actually wasting our time. These companies constantly try to captivate and hook our attention for as long as they can and sell it to the highest bidders. The unfiltered usage of social media unknowingly causes some effects on younger generations. As social media is always there side by side through our activities, it is most likely to cause other problems or challenges we are facing in our daily lives. Therefore, we would like to help the audience to explore more about how social media’s algorithm works and its effects. Through this topic, we hope that the audience can learn how to utilize social media and be the beneficiary.

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Adulting 101: Have You Fully Become an Adult

Dea Rizkita - Communication Practicioner & Certified Professional Coach

Everyone grows every day. It happens by the influence of various experiences and events that are experienced in the life of each human being. As we grow, we will face more and more challenges. At this point, we need to understand that to develop, we also need self-maturity to support the process because each challenge that we face requires a different response depending on the situation and conditions that occurred. Did you know that EQ is one of the most influential skills to master throughout our adulting phases? EQ is the key to having the ability to process and allocate emotions properly to adapting to all situations that will continually become more complicated in humans’ lives every day. It is because Emotional Intelligence brings together cognition and emotion which forms resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and the power in us to read and cope with various social situations and conflicts. Through this talk, we hope that it can help the audience to explore how emotional intelligence can influence people to become emotionally mature adults.


Stay Single Until...

Elwiana Monica - A Wife, Mother, and Content Creator

According to our in-depth interview, one of the most wanted topics by our community is “Happiness and Satisfaction”. In this talk, we would like to explore if sustainable happiness and satisfaction can be found in a relationship. Starting a relationship is a big decision, so it's a good idea first to know why we want it. Even though it’s an ideal thing to do before starting a relationship, do we really think about it when we are talking about our feelings? As we can see out there, lots of people dive in headfirst without thinking about the give and take of a relationship. Most of the time, we jump into a relationship to find contentment, but can we really find contentment in a relationship before finding our own self-contentment? Through this talk, we would like the audience to explore further how self-contentment plays a major role in creating a healthy relationship. We hope that the speaker can share how self-contentment affects their relationship which can help the audience find their own contentment and help them grow in the relationship.


The Fabric of Tradition to A Fashion Icon

Didiet Maulana - Fashion Designer, Book Writer, and Owner of IKAT Indonesia

Every student at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya is encouraged to start and grow their own businesses. The fashion industry is one of the most engaged fields, due to the wide range of opportunities. Brand association and the application of social and racial values are becoming more important. In the fashion industry, creativity sometimes relies on heritages, or past and accumulated creativity, which is important for creating values that can be the foundation for creative products. Indonesia's high cultural diversity can be a source of inspiration for the development of creative industries in the country. Local wisdom that is utilized in the creative industry is not only economically added value but also preserved and integrated into the life of today's society. In light of this, we sincerely hope that audience would see the significance of cultural legacy in the creative industries, especially fashion, as a means of enhancing the appeal and price of any given product.


I Used to be Consumptive, And...

Cynthia Suci Lestari - Founder of Lyfewithless

As we have more financial freedom, how do we manage our own monthly allowance, especially as university students? It turns out that one of the biggest expenses is shopping. This way of living is also known as consumerism. Our society is built in such a way that we have the perception that what we own, wear, and possess determines our status in society. But, is this perception the only way to view our quality of life? We believe there are also other ways of life that can alter consumerism, such as the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalist life views that life can be simple, namely by having the things that make you happy, and eliminating the things that don't. Therefore, we want to explore further what is the correlation between the presence of minimalism that is rising and the pattern of consumerism that already exists in the midst of university student's daily life.

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