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This year, TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulya 2021 is back again with a new theme, Blomstre with the tagline: "Perceiving Pace in The World of Race". Blomstre itself comes from the Danish language which means development and flourishment. This development is symbolized by flowers where each flower takes time to bloom and has a variety of colors. We don't need to compare ourselves to others. We only need to have the determination and willingness to find our purpose in life, namely by having a growth mindset. We, as the future generation is expected to be formed with education, character, and experiences in life. This is so that we are able to become someone who is content with themselves and knows their identity and purpose. There are 4 main topics that will be discussed which are Bonded by Blood: Stains Unrecognized, Money Brings Passion, but Does Your Passion Bring Money?, Digital Marketing: Same Old Thing, but Gold-plated, and The Orchestra Of Taste.

Date & Time

Saturday, 6 November 2021

12.30 PM - finish


Youtube Premiere


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Bonded by Blood
- Stains Unrecognized

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Money Brings Passion
- But Does Your Passion Bring Money?

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Digital Marketing
- Same Old Thing But Gold Plated


The Orchestra of Taste

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Bonded by Blood: Stains Unrecognized

Sara Excellent

It’s no doubt that the people around us will become a major catalyst to the growth of ourselves individually; especially family.

It’s not as if we are able to decide where we’re born. For some of us, we may feel as if we’re born into the wrong family and you might even mutter to yourself, “I could’ve been better somewhere else.”

As relatable as it is, the strongest catalyst to change is yourself. You, yourself have the power to adjust your own mindset, and your mindset will also affect how you work, do things, and even think in life. Through these talks, we would like to explore how we, as change bearers in a family, can find our purpose regardless of our family situation.


Digital Marketing: Same Old Thing, but Gold-plated

Pamela Wirjadinata

Prior to the modern age, most companies focused solely on the quality of their offerings. Customers will become loyal as a result of good quality of product. What must be understood is how to first retain buyers so that they can thoroughly assess the quality of current business goods. This dimension leads one to believe that "Digital Marketing" for a product has a standard that is equal to product quality. If the appearance is more appealing, the same product will appear more luxurious.

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Money Brings Passion, But Does Your Passion Bring Money?

Agusleo Halim

Nowadays, an untold number of individuals and especially young people in their 20s are focus exclusively on their desire to pursue their passion. All of this is done while ignoring other considerations such as finances, expertise, earnings, contributions to the community, and so on. This reveals a serious misunderstanding of the true definition of passion, which is not confined to something you enjoy doing. In reality, discovering something that we can do well and generate a clear performance has a higher and more realistic chance of shaping our futures. In comparison to just doing what we “love”.


The Orchestra of Taste

Yohanes Adhijaya

When most people hear the word "art", they think of things like painting, music, photography, and graphic design. However, art has evolved over time. The story and "intention" can now be told in a variety of ways. People can sense art through food, which is one of the ways it is delivered. There are a number of people in Indonesia who strive to communicate art through food. They serve food in unusual ways such that the flavor of the food tells a tale on its own. Through this talk, we want to encourage people that are still hesitant to follow "Purpose" through their own art, due largely to everyone's fear of abstract concepts. Since "Art Has No Boundaries".

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